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Forever In Our Hearts...

Rushka - April 1998

Sophia - 2005

Buddy - 2013

Bailey LaRussa Last Pic Jan 2015 RB text
Sadie Hooker Oct 2015 RB text.png
Paige Barron text.png
Ms Kitty Hartmann text.png
Buddy Delgaudio text.png
Logan Sydnor text.png

Bo - 2014

Dakota Pallo 060415 RB text.png

Starbuck - Nov. 2009

Katie Carey 100616 RB text.png
Rider Corona 072417 RB text.png
CJ Miller text.png
Addie with Spidey text.png
Stacey Ambrose 051219 RB text.png
Nubber Allen 080819 RB text.png
Sienna Barbash 042915 Last Pic text.png
Abby DiPreta 072417 RB text.png
Molly Lowe May 2017 RB text.png
Reiki Hoffman text.png
Dallas Lowe text.png
Peaches Waddell 072419 RB text.png
Pogo Long 060919 RB text.png
Josie Tweed 021419 RB text.png
Chuckie Marshall RB 050220 text.png
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