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Melissa adores our dog and you can see the love returned when she comes to visit and Bailey gets excited to see her. We have had Melissa house/dog sit for us on numerous occasions and she is wonderful! I complete trust her in my house and with our Bailey dog. She is responsible, kind and compassionate. I would highly recommend Melissa to others looking for a pet sitter!




Melissa takes great care of our seven (yes, seven!) cats.  She is extremely conscientious and has a really good rapport with them.  Even the shyest among them is friendly with her.  We have noticed that when she cares for them, they are much calmer and happier when we return from our trips than they were with other sitters.  We trust her with our precious kitties and gladly recommend her to others.


Vivian and Eric



Honestly, this is the ABSOLUTE most happy I have ever seen Paige after we have been gone.  Thank you SO much!  I will recommend you to all my friends, coworkers, etc.!  Thanks again!




Melissa just completed one week ( 7 days) taking care of our elderly cats (12 and 13).  One of them required medication twice a day which included a pill and liquid medication through a syringe.  She did an amazing job getting the cat to sit still and take the pill for her as he does for us!!!  Our other cat (13) warmed up to her immediately (she usually runs and hides from strangers).


Upon arriving home, our fur babies fell back into their old routine immediately - I was disappointed that they didn't miss us that much :-)  They greeted us but quickly were distracted by going to play in the garage.


We highly recommend Melissa for her caring nature, calm demeanor, and most of all her geniune "love" for animals.  You will not be disappointed leaving your animals in her loving and devoted care.


Dianna and Matt

Melissa's pet services enable us the peace of mind to leave home.  We don't worry because Melissa takes care of our "furry kids" and house, as if they are her own.  Not only does she follow our directions, but she also does extra things to make our cats feel comfortable while we are gone...and that shows us that she truly cares about their well-being!  Melissa takes great pride in her business, and in providing superior service to her clients.  We wholeheartedly recommend ME Luv Pets.

Kim & Steve

Melissa has "dog-sat" for our beagle Max many times!  We always know he'll not only be well taken care of but likely spoiled as well!  There is no one else we'd think of asking to watch him.  We've recomended her to many of our friends!




Melissa has taken care of my two puppies twice now.  I had a really bad experience with my previous pet sitter who did not show up to stay overnight, feed them and give them water.


I was very apprehensive to go away again and leave my puppies.  I have no children and my puppies are my kids.  I have been very pleased with the way Melissa takes care of my kids.  She is reliable and my neighbors watch and say she is very attentive of my puppies.


I am going away two more times this year, leaving my puppies in the great hands of Melissa.


Of course I will always be concerned, but Melissa emails me every day and then I call her every night.


I think she is a bit expensive but she is worth every penny.


As a pet sitter myself...I only do kitties now...A tip is an acknowledgement that the sitter has done a great job and she does!





WOW!  Melissa has been our regular cat sitter for over a year and has always done a great job.  Recently, we had to leave town on short notice with simultaneous emergencies on BOTH sides of our family.  Melissa stepped in and took care of our 8 cats for 26 days.  She worked with our shyest cat, Cindy Clawford (aka "The Princess"), to coax her out into the open, until she was able to get Cindy to sit on her lap and be petted.  We were worried that our long-haired cat, Max, would be just one big knot when we returned, but Melissa combed Max and all of our cats.  We returned to happy, relaxed, well-groomed kitties.  After a very stressful several weeks, that was a huge relief for us.  Melissa also was kind enough to gather and Fed Ex to us some clothes that we needed, and swept our floors so we wouldn't be ankle deep in cat hair when we returned.  Additionally, she fed the outdoor birds for us, handled the mail, and put the trash out.  We so appreciate her dedication to providing the best possible care for our kitties and taking care of our home.  She does a wonderful job and we recommend her without reservation.


Vivian and Eric



Melissa is everything you want in a caretaker!  She is one of the most reliable people I have ever worked with, always available and always responsive.  She is pro-active, making suggestions regarding how to improve the happiness and health of my pooch. My dog has some odd behavioral issues and not only did Melissa not shy away from working with us, but she was excited by the challenge of dealing with my sometimes anxiety-ridden pup and now all parties are smiling and wagging tails together.  I have already recommended Melissa to several people and will continue to do so.  She's a true find.  I never worry about my dog when she is in Melissa's care.


I had a very satisfying experience with Melissa at meluvpets, when our 5 month old dog Sage, broke her leg.  Unfortunately, my husband and I both work full time and are unable to let our dog out at lunch.  We called Melissa on a Monday after work and she came by that night to meet Sage and fill out paperwork.  Melissa started the next day and was very flexible on coming when I needed her.  She would take Sage for a bathroom walk, feed her, and give her lots of love. I would receive an update via text message every day on how she did on her walk and whether or not she used the bathroom.  Sage was having to take a lot of medicine to manage her pain, and Melissa was very reliable in giving her pills with a treat.  Overall, my experience was wonderful and I have recommended her to my neighbors, coworkers, and friends.



We have been using Melissa for over 3 years now, 3 times a week and she is absolutely fantastic!  She is incredibly reliable, trustworthy, and our pugs absolutely love her.  We know that when our pugs are with her they will be spoiled, loved and well taken care of.  Melissa has been so kind and generous to us and our pugs that we are forever grateful to have her in our lives.

Kyle & Sue

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